March 28, 2023
  • 5:11 am The number of victims of coronavirus in the world has exceeded one million people
  • 5:11 am American bombers worked out a strike on Kaliningrad
  • 5:16 am Lavrov urged North and South Korea not to wait for sanctions to be lifted
  • 5:21 am France called on Germany to provide evidence on the situation with Navalny
  • 5:21 am Who questioned the statistics of deaths from coronavirus

Us President Donald trump responded to The New York Times ‘ accusations of tax evasion for ten years. He stated his position on Twitter.

“Fake media, as during the 2016 election, raise my taxes and all other nonsense with illegally obtained information and only bad intent. I paid many millions of dollars in taxes, but I was entitled, like everyone else, to depreciation and tax benefits,” the American President said. He added that the newspaper did not take into account his “incredible assets” and stressed that he has a very low level of debt. In addition, trump noted that he is the only President in history who refused a salary.

On the eve of the newspaper The New York Times, referring to tax returns, wrote that trump has not paid Federal income tax for the past ten years. According to the publication, when trump became President in 2016, he paid only $ 750 (59 thousand rubles — approx. «Tapes.”) of income tax and the same amount in 2017. “He didn’t pay income tax at all for ten of the last 15 years — mainly because he reported that he was losing more than he was earning,” the newspaper emphasizes.

Earlier, the niece of US President Donald trump, Mary, accused him of fraud in obtaining an inheritance after the death of his father. She filed a lawsuit against the American leader, the other defendants are his sister Maryann trump-Barry and the administrator of the inheritance of their brother Robert, who died in August.