Awards & Citations
Richman (O’Connor),
Galperin, Noelle
Continuity & Governance Subcomittee
Hornsby, Pat
Council of Governors
Blasi, Ellen
District Conference
Yeh, Charles R. (Chuck)954-401-4746
District Training Assembly
Burnett, Heidi, Co-Chair954-290-1892
District Training Assembly
Maymon, Deborah Ann (Debbie), Co-Chair954-242-0223
Shelley, Robert J. III (Robin)
Finance & Procedure
Ullom, Marcelyn Sue (Marcy)
International Service
Corredor, Ligia
Membership Attraction & Engagement
Roth, Joseph A. (Joe)
Public Image Subcommittee
Gobbi, Barbara
Rotarians For Hope
Mountford, David
Rotary Leadership Institute
Maymon, Deborah Ann (Debbie)

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