DG Ellen Blasi ~ District Newsletter September & October 2013

225303Dear District 6990 Rotarian,

As we bring the first quarter of our Rotary year together to a close I want to congratulate you on the great work being done by you, your Rotary club and our Rotary District.

There are so many outstanding programs by clubs in our District. We are truly “Engaging Rotary and Changing Lives.” I have been particularly impressed with the work being done for the senior citizens of Hialeah/Miami Springs by the Rotary Club of Hialeah/Miami Springs and by the literacy and food projects for elementary students in need by the Rotary Club of Davie/Cooper City. Both of these projects and more will be featured in our next newsletter.

I ask that you send articles and photos of your club “in action” to rotary6990@gmail.com so that we can share your good works and fun events with everybody in our District.

Have you been onto our District website http://www.ri6990.org/ lately? It is looking great thanks to the hard work of District Communications Chair Noelle Galperin, RC Coral Gables, and her team! They are working to roll out a new website for our District this year and based on what I have seen so far….I can hardly wait! The redesign of the website will help us do more Public Image work in our District. If you have any great Public Image ideas that you would like to see in your community contact us. District Public Image Chair, Jean Corona, RC Miami Shores, and I want to help! Send those ideas and budget needed to rotary6990@gmail.com.?

Our first quarter shows a gain in Rotary membership in our District. HOORAY!!

The R2R2W events in Dade and Broward have been very successful. We also had a very successful R2R event in Grand Bahama Island and are looking forward to one in the Florida Keys soon. Membership Guru and Chairperson, Jonathan Parker, RC Miami, will be a conducting a Membership Seminar on Wednesday, November 6. Please log onto the District Database, DaCdb, and register to attend. It’s going to be little different than the norm…sign on and check it out!

Remember the goal for all of us together this year … DON’T LOSE ANYONE! ?I heard of a funny sign in a Dentist office that is relevant to membership retention ~ ”You don’t need to floss all of your teeth … .just the ones you want to keep!” So you don’t need to engage all of your members, just the ones you want to keep.

You know by now that the Polio Plus campaign is in the “end game” plan and that the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation has pledged to match $2 for every $1 that Rotarians give to the campaign. This is great news for us. Our District is rising to this challenge. Many clubs have already had Polio Plus fundraisers and sent the funds in to be matched 2 to 1! If your club has not taken advantage of this great offer yet, lead the charge and get the matching dollars!

The Golf Ball Drop tickets should be at your club and available for purchase for your chance at some great prizes. Four tickets sold or bought by you will qualify you for Sustaining Membership for this Rotary year.

Those clubs that applied for District Grants and were approved have been funded, so those projects are moving forward in our District. If your club has a good project and would like to apply for District Grant funds please go online http://www.rotaryfoundation6990.org/ and apply.

Speaking of the Rotary Foundation, Our Great District Foundation Leader, Robin Shelley, RC Miami, and Past District Governor will conduct a Rotary Foundation Symposium on November 16. This promises to be an outstanding morning of all things about OUR foundation. Please sign onto the District Database, DaCdb, and register to attend.

Moving right along with the registration theme….

The District Conference for the Rotary year 2013-2014 will be held May 1-4, 2014 on Grand Bahama Island. Registration for the conference is available now, also on the District Database, DaCdb. If you register for the conference prior to December 31, 2013 you will receive an invite to a private cocktail reception and a free upgrade to an oceanview room at the Grand Lucayan resort.

Again, I ask that as we go through this Rotary year together that you Engage Rotary in YOUR life and that you send all your GOOD news to be shared with us all to rotary6990@gmail.com.

My Very Best to YOU in Rotary Service,

Ellen Blasi – DG 6990, 2013-2014

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